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Fairyland Tales – Mini Playfield Art WIP

Below you can see how the mini table’s art has progressed. Initially I was thinking it would only involve a scene with a small pond and waterfall, but as I drew that it became apparent that the lower third of the art was very bland. I then decided to try to make it a little bit more surreal. The pond, which once was a real location, became a magical land created by a fairy. I think the new art design fits the theme much better then the initial design did.
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Tail of the Dragon – Design Begins

Since I’m waiting for parts for other tables, I was able to do a lot of work on this table over the past week. I was asked to design this as though it was a 60s/70s era table, so the first thing I did was chop the playfield length down from 46″ to 42″. For a while I wasn’t really sure what type of flow this table would have- Should it be nudge based like Target Pool? Or should it have more flow to it like Paragon? Eventually I decided on a more Paragon/Spiderman/Supersonic type of flow. I talked to Mark a lot while I was iterating the table’s design to ensure I was making the thing along the lines of what he wanted.

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