Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas is (c) Walt Disney Pictures All Rights Reserved

I make no claims of ownership to the Nightmare Before Christmas IP, I only claim ownership of the table design and custom assemblies used on this table.

I am providing the designs for this table for FREE, I have no desire to make and sell this table for any form of monetary gain unless I receive written permission from the Nightmare Before Christmas IP owners to do so.

I will re-theme this table if requested by the IP owners.

That being said… On to the design!



Nightmare Before XMas – Shots updated

I had a good amount of time today to make some significant tweaks to the initial layout sketch.

I removed the scoop and widened lots of shots. I also added a new toy that wasn’t in the VPT file…

I figured out where and how to add the iconic unwinding tree root from the movie! It’s located along the back wall and will feed directly into the hinterlands.

This picture shows it uncurled. There is a diverter blocking the entrance to the popper/wireform entrance. Various events will trigger the diverter and allow the player to roll down the uncurling root. The root will uncurl and curl! I plan on using spring steal for the task.

The remaining pictures show the updated shots as well as some of the metal guides I cut today. The big wood blocks represent toys. The short left block is an Oogie pinamatronic, and the right block will be Jack’s tower.

Fun Fact- You can see how much I’ve diverged from the original sketch in these shots :)

Nightmare Before Christmas table started!

It’s been a while! I’m waiting for parts to complete TotD right now, so I figured I’d start working on the next pin design a little.

Here’s the request I received:

Here’s a few thoughts… I’ll send more when it comes to me.
Inspiration: Cirqus Voltaire meets Medieval Madness meets Funhouse

Main characters:
Jack, Zero (the ghost dog)
Sally, Dr Finklestein
Lock, Shock, Barrel (3 drop targets)
Santa, Oogie Boogie

forest (trees with doors to other holiday towns – Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.)
Halloween town square
Dr’s Castle
Christmas town
Oogie’s lair
Some Modes:

Sally’s Escape ->
- drug the Dr to start (put him to sleep)
- detach arm to open door, escape
- sew arm back on (a spinner for ‘Sally’s Stiches’)

Making Toys ->
- 3 pops – 3 minor characters (assembling toys)
- every 50 hits is a random creepy toy (shrunken heads, snakes, etc.)

Lock, Shock, Barrel ->
- 3 ball multiball (balls locked in bathtub)
- first ‘Kidnap the Sandi Claws’
- then deliver him to Oogie (mode ends with captured ball – Santa)

Fight Oogie ->
- Sally is captured(ball locked) on her way to save Santa.
- do something to start the 2 ball multiball
- release first Sally (adds 1 ball) ,
- free Santa (adds another ball)
- defeat Oogie for Bug Jackpot

Sally’s Fog /Zero the hero ->
- GI lights are out, red light targets represent Zero’s glowing nose
- complete a number of lit shots (one at a time)
to find your way to the world to deliver presents (the spinner will move the shot around)
(score increases based on number of toys made)

As usual, I played around with a few things in Visual pinball. I determined that this should be a wide body game. I then worked on this off and on for about a month. The VPT sketch is pretty rough, but it served it’s purpose of getting some ideas down on “paper” before starting the real model.


After some feedback and tweaks (mostly related to the ramps), I printed up the  schematic so I could start making a paper model of the table. Unfortunately I cannot find foam core large enough for a wide-body playfield (it would take 3 20×30 sheets!), so I decided to cut a wood blank instead. It’s not as flexible to move things around with wood, but it is certainly cheaper and won’t buckle under the weight of all the parts. I cleaned up positioning and largely finalized the lower flipper area of the table. There are a couple more tweaks I’d like to do to that area, but it’s 90% there.