Full House

Full House is (c) Warner Bros. Television Distribution (If I’m wrong, please let me know!)

I make no claims of ownership to the Full House television show IP, I only claim ownership of the table design and custom assemblies used on this table.

I am providing the designs for this table for FREE, I have no desire to make and sell this table for any form of monetary gain unless I receive written permission from the Full House IP owners to do so.

I will re-theme this table if requested by the IP owners.

That being said… On to the design!


Rules (as of 5/24/2012)
FullHouse.vpt (as of 5/31/2012)
Visual Pinball 9 (needed to play the VPT file)

The development progression is listed below.

Full House – Main Ramp Modeled in CAD

I’ve been going ramp crazy lately between TotD’s Wheelie Ramp and TFH’s main ramp! It took lots of patience and swearing to get this ramp modeled, but I finally got it.

This ramp is massive! It’s practically the size of a playfield. There are two holes in the back that the ball, if it’s moving too slow around the ramp, can fall through. Both of those holes are over the rollover lanes- so effectively, there are two different ways to light the rollovers. Either by a lob around the orbit, or a slow ramp shot.

This ramp also has flipper #3 on it. That flipper will be used to get the ball to the upper “Joey’s Attic” table. There will be a wireform ramp connecting the main ramp to the upper table (as seen in the vpt model). Right now that flipper is a full sized flipper, though I’m thinking about changing it to one of those stubby 2″ flippers (as used in TSPP’s mini playfield).

Full House – Started CAD Cleanup

This is the Full House Table after a few days of cleanup in a cad program. The mini playfield is currently 3.5″ above the main playfield. I may need to raise it up an additional 0.5″ because the flipper assembly currently may bump into the ramp below it.

I modified the captured ball shot to use a newton ball.


Full House – Initial Design

The images below show the changes that the playfield layout took place over about a 2-3 week period. It took me a while to figure out exactly what to put in the centre of the playfield. Also, the Jesse’s Attic playfield seemed not to change much after its inital idea.

First Iteration

Second Iteration

Third(mostly final) Iteration