Who Am I?

Hi all! I’m Linolium- a hobbyist pinball designer.

I’ve been collecting arcade machines and pinball machines for over 13 years at this point. A couple years ago I had the crazy idea to design my own pin from scratch on my spare time, and I really enjoy doing it. I recently started designing a pin for a buddy of mine, just for the hell of it, which in turn spawned the desire to make custom pins designs for everyone!

Building a custom pinball table is not cheap… and as such I will only go so far as build a 1:1 foam core + paper model of the table for shot testing, I will not build true whitewoods for all these machines (only a couple).
So, that being said, the items I will supply are:

  • A fully working, fully scripted (minus DMD animations) Visual Pinball model of the table
  • A complete (or mostly complete) bill of materials- posts, guides, screws, washers, sockets, etc…
  • CAD Cleaned-up PDF Playfield schematics
  • CAD Cleaned-up PDF Schematics for all custom pieces needed for the table- Guides, Ramps, Toys, etc…
  • A list of all common parts found at various online pinball stores
  • MAYBE playfield and cabinet artwork… it’ll all depends on the table theme and my desire to do it
  • MAYBE sound fxs and music… again it will depend on my desire (and backlog) to do this

Feel free to send a pin request to the e-mail located on the Request a Table! page. I’m sure I’ll get lots of requests, so check here to see what pins I’m currently working on and what pins are next. I will design these games on a first-come first-serve basis. Please note though: I’m doing this on my spare time, so don’t expect a pin do be done in 1 month. Each game will take anywhere from 3 months to 5 months to design (depending on its complexity and the time other aspects of my life require).

Any general chit-chat can be sent to lin@linscustompins.com

I don’t know how long I will offer this, but I hope you all enjoy this while it lasts!

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