Request a Table!

Do you have a theme you would like made? Then let me know! I will add you to the list and design your pin as soon as I can. Here are some guidelines I need you to follow when submitting a request:

  • What is your name? If you don’t include your name, I won’t put your pin on the list. period.
  • What is the theme? It can be a custom theme like “zoo” or known theme like “TMNT”
  • What reference is there for me to use? Other tables? Movies? Pictures? Etc…
  • What type of toys/things would you like to see incorporated into the design?
  • What things do you not want me to put into the design?
  • What other pinball tables do you enjoy playing? I’m asking this so I can get an idea of why style of design you enjoy.
  • Any other ideas or thoughts about the theme/design that you have

Please do not:

  • Request a pin theme that has been produced by a pinball company within the past two years.
  • Request a pin theme that is currently being designed by a pinball company.
  • Request a pin theme that a pinball company has officially announced will be making within the next 2 years. This does not include rumored pins… those are fair game (Until it is officially announced at least)

Basically, I don’t want to step on any real company’s toes. I think that’s fair, no?

Request a pin: Click Here!

Current Requests

Name Requested By Status
1 Full House Tim
In Progress
2 Tail of the Dragon Mark
In Progress
3 Nightmare Before Christmas Mark
4 Uncharted 3 Dan B.
5 Futurama Steve
6 Outer Limits (original series) Sam
7 God Of War John
10 Gladiator (Movie) Dan B. (2nd request)
some day


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