Nightmare Before XMas – Shots updated

I had a good amount of time today to make some significant tweaks to the initial layout sketch.

I removed the scoop and widened lots of shots. I also added a new toy that wasn’t in the VPT file…

I figured out where and how to add the iconic unwinding tree root from the movie! It’s located along the back wall and will feed directly into the hinterlands.

This picture shows it uncurled. There is a diverter blocking the entrance to the popper/wireform entrance. Various events will trigger the diverter and allow the player to roll down the uncurling root. The root will uncurl and curl! I plan on using spring steal for the task.

The remaining pictures show the updated shots as well as some of the metal guides I cut today. The big wood blocks represent toys. The short left block is an Oogie pinamatronic, and the right block will be Jack’s tower.

Fun Fact- You can see how much I’ve diverged from the original sketch in these shots :)

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