Fairlyland Tales – Game Modes overview

I think it’s about time to start mentioning some of the rules to Fairyland Tales. I have about 6 pages of rules for it- lots of stuff to do!

FLT is a bit of a mix of ToM and STTNG I think… It has 5 primary game modes and 4 required table goals to get to the wizard mode. Of course, there are a couple multiball modes, hidden modes, multipliers, wizard mode tiers, etc… but I’m not going to talk about those right now ;)

The image below labels the game mode and table goal inserts:

Game Modes:
1) Waterfall Rush
2) Dream Crystals
3) Funny Fairies
4) Cavern of Wishes
5) Mystical Flight

Table Goals
a) Pesky Pixies completed
b) All game modes completed
c) Rainbow Mode completed
d) Fairy Multiball Completed
**) Wizard mode is ready

Note, this cluster of inserts creates a flower shape (with the table goals as leaves).

So, how does one start a game mode? Easy! If a game mode isn’t currently running then just get the ball into the center scoop (labeled (GMS) on the image). If a game mode is running, then you need to get the ball to the upper table and leave off the left waterfall ramp.

Every game mode can be stacked, BUT each stacked game mode will make the game-mode-enable-lamp more and more difficult to enable! For example, you have 1 game mode running. To enable the game-mode-lamp again you must get the ball over the waterfall ramp then into the scoop. Now 2 modes are running. To start a 3rd mode, you need to hit the waterfall ramp 2 times… 4th mode, 3 times… and so on.

So, realistically, you may just want to play out the active modes once a couple are stacked.

Oh, the multiball modes can also be stacked… :)

I hope this little “teaser”, so to speak, wet your apatite a bit. I’ll post more information soon…………………

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