Tail of the Dragon – Lamp Matrix and Game Debug Mode Video

I got my P-ROC on Wednesday! I have a lot of work to do to finish getting the table components hooked up. The most complex thing to do is hook up the lamp matrix. This thing has 63 lamps on the playfield alone! The backbox has another 16 or so.

I spent Wends and Thurs soldering over 200 components- diodes, wires, and sockets. When I finished, the table danced with joy :)

The video below shows the current status of the table. I show off the Attract mode light show as well as talk about some of the software’s debugging features I wrote.

The game is running on a custom C++ engine I built that wraps LibProc up into a few nice set of helper classes that handle more advanced functionality for lamps, switches, solenoids, and timers. The engine also has a fully scale-able GameFeature class that can be used for things as simple as 1 target being hit to complex multi-tier modes that are often found in modern pinball machines.

The entire program runs on a very light weight SDL application and uses OpenAL and OpenGL for audio and sound.

I hope to have the switches and solenoids hooked up by Sunday night. I’m really exited to finally play this game for real!

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