Tail of the Dragon – GI Added

I really wanted to vacuum form a ramp today, but mother nature had other plans. Due to the rain, I switched gears back to TotD.

I ordered a P-Roc kit yesterday. I can’t wait to get it! There’s lots to do before the kit comes. For one, I need to wire everything up (Minus end connectors) so I can hook the P-Roc into the game as soon as it comes.

I started this task with the GI. It seemed simple enough since it isn’t actually controlled. It took about 2 hours to solder all the sockets together. I was lucky too as everything worked fine the first try! :D

There seems to be some dark spots on the right side of the playfield. I’m going to remedy that issue tomorrow.

I’m also going to start the long task of soldering diodes to all the controlled lamps and switches tomorrow if the weather is still too bleck for vac forming. I can’t wait! …

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