Fairyland Tales – First ramp mold completed!

Over the past week and a half I’ve been slowly working on my first set of ramp molds for Fairlyland Tales. I made a couple out of wood which I plan on redoing, and I just completed what I consider to be a fairly complex ramp mold.

I made this mold out of wood and Plaster of Paris. The mold may seem simple enough, but it was in fact fairly difficult to make… and it still isn’t perfect. For a while, I was debating if I should make the mold out of wood or something else. I finally settled on industrial clay. Yeah. That didn’t happen… the prices are way to high for my little operation. So I ended up using a combination of wood and Plaster of Paris. The nice thing about plaster is it’s very easy to manipulate (and it’s cheap). Unfortunately though it isn’t the strongest stuff in the world, but it will work fine for my prototyping purposes.

Tomorrow I plan on actually vacuum forming this ramp. I’ve never vacuum formed anything before, but the plethora of YouTube videos make it look easy :) I will also be filming the process and have it posted tomorrow night.

Below is an image showing the mold right after I made the wood base and formed the ramp’s gradient. The last two images show the completed mold.

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