Tail of the Dragon – More White Wood Work

One of my 3 packages arrived yesterday- the package with the remaining inserts!

I added the last inserts, sanded everything down semi-level, and gave it a couple coats of spray clear-coat sealer. I didn’t clear coat the playfield so it would look nice, I did it more so to help lock in the inserts. The clear coat did darken the wood quite a bit though which looks nice imo :)

Today I cut most of the GI holes, and populated the playfield as much as I could. I’m waiting for a couple more items to arrive… possibly Monday? but a good chunk of the playfield is done. The top of the playfiled is almost completely built.

All that’s left on the top-side of the playfield is the left ramp, the inlane gate, one wire guide (I need to create it because it’s not in stock anywhere :( ), and the paper mock-up plastic set.

On a side note: I did have the diverter assembly installed, but it wouldn’t fit where I needed it to. I need to juggle some parts around to find a better placement for it.

This thing’s looking more and more like an actual pinball table every day :D

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