Tail of the Dragon – Started Building It…

I have the layout completed to the point I need to make a foam core to test shots and finish the new left ramp design. The past couple days I started building the foam core… wait… that’s not a foam core //O_o\\

This table is dead simple compared to most modern pins. So simple, infact, I either had or bought most of the objects I needed. I bought the spinner and the target bank for modeling, and I basically had¬†everything else already. Instead of making a foam core model I decided to go for broke and build an actual white wood. Normally I would never do this, but the shots are simple enough that I’m fairly confident in my design.

The new ramp’s footprint and basic design are done, but the jump angle and switch height still need to be defined. Those two things cannot be properly simulated in a 3d model. I need to build prototype models of those!

I ran out of inserts, and I didn’t have the correct 1 1/8th bit for the rollover switches, but other then that I go much of it built. In addition to those things,¬†I’m missing the following items (which I plan on getting over he next couple weeks):

  • 2x single drop target assemblies
  • 1x kicker assembly (may not add this… I may just add a wire behind that rubber)
  • 60x controlled lamp sockets
  • 30x GI sockets (dunno if there’ll be 30 yet, I may only add 20. I rather buy more then less)
  • 14x 3/4″ round inserts
  • 2x ball gates
  • Misc metal and wood for various custom bits
  • Plexiglass for plastics
  • A couple more wire colours

That may seem like a lot but it really isn’t comparatively. I also used black rubbers right now instead of white rubbers. I Need to buy a box of white rubbers in general… I’m all out.

Oh, I should get a P-Roc kit at some point.

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